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It can cost more than money.

419 scammers have kidnaped people who have ventured into their home turf.

South African police rescued one kidnap victim Rumanian Danut Mircea Tetrescu who was held for $50,000 ransom (1 ).

A former Mayor of Northampton, Josef Raca, was kidnapped by 419 scammers, he said about his ordeal, 'I don't mind telling you I was very frightened,' he said. 'I crawled and begged and kept trying to persuade them not to kill me (2 ).

A Japanese business man, Kensuke Matsumoto as kidnaped and held for ransom, 419 scammers. He escaped when he ran into a sushi restaurant (3 ).

Other 419 fraud kidnap victims are Swedish businessman Kenth Sadaaki and a Japanese national Osamai Hitomi was tortured and held for a $5-million(4 ).

UK Business man was Kidnaped and held for ransom in Ghana in 2007 after taking part in a 419 scam. He was held for five days until he was rescued by the police (5 ).

When internet fraud takes a deadly turn.

419 fraud victim Jerry Stratton, killed himself because of this fraud. In his suicide note he said, "If anything happens to me, look for three people. They are Nigerians. They are responsible." (6 ).

An accountant from Canada killed himself after he was conned out of one hundred thousand dollars of his own company's money (7 ).

Some who have dared to venture to the fraudsters home turf have been murdered (8 ). A few are:

A Canadian business man Jean Pierre Li Shing Tat was shot twice through the head and killed by 419 scammers when he visited South Africa as part of the scam (9 ).

A Greek man George Makronalli was lured to South Africa as part of a 419 scam. His badly mutilated corpse was found short before Christmas in 2004 (10 ).

A gang of seven South Africans and Nigerians are also believed to be responsible for disappearance of a Norwegian industrialist (11 ).