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The Nigerian Scam perception.

When some people hear the name Nigeria, they can think of things less than positive. The Nigerian, government has done questionable things in the past, and other officials have acted than honorably. Outside companies have come to exploit, her resources.

Oil giant Shell has admitted it fed conflict, poverty and corruption through its oil activities in Nigeria, no matter how inadvertent it was it still caused damage. Shell's in Nigeria dismissed 29 career and contract staff in 2003 for corrupt practices (1 ).

Oil Giant Shell stands accused of ignoring repeated warnings that their operations in Ogoni territory were violating international standards and causing widespread pollution (2 ).

Nigeria, and the scam.

The 419 fraud isn't exclusively Nigerian, about 77 percent of the fraud committed outside Nigeria is not committed by Nigerians (3 ).

419 scammers in Nigeria also target there fellow Nigerians for crimes, no one is spared from their criminal enterprise (4 ).

This crime victimizing the honest Nigerians in other ways. A Nigerian police commissioner, Hafiz Ringim said about 419 fraud, "It's killing the economy of this country," and he continued People don't want any business to do with Nigeria. Every Nigerian is a potential suspect, a potential criminal: that's what most of the world believes."(5 ).

But are these things Nigeria? No, Nigeria is the people who reside there. The people, are a countries only tangible asset. We should consider the people as a whole, when judging a class of people.

The real Nigeria.

Nigerian Agbani Darego, beat out 93 other contestants to be crowned Miss World in 2001 ( 6 ).

The National Stadium in Surulere, hosted the finals of the African Cup of Nations twice 1980 and 2000. It's also one of the few stadiums left that hosted the All African Games when it was held in 1973. (7 ).

3 Nigerian scientist, Colonel Dr. Otu Oviemo Ovadje, professors Batholomew Nnaji(of the University of Pittsburgh), and (Temple University Graduate School) Henrientta Ukwu where honor by receiving United Kingdoms Science and Technology Award in 2001 (8 ).

In 2003 the Nigerian swim team won two gold medals, one silver and, three bronze in the first Afro-Asian Games in Hyderabad, India.(9 ).

University Students Idoremeniyin Mfon, Godwin Imeh, Ofonmbuk Nnamnso, Egwin Adindu, Okusiriki Solomon Ebikife and Akpanuko Essien Ekerette won a bronze medal in the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition held in Germany in 2004. The competed against 1,400 universities in 33 countries (10 ).

Nigeria is also the home of Nobel Prize winner author Wole Soyinka(11 ).

Nigerian writer Segun Afolabi won the Caine Prize for African writing on 7-4-2005. Segun was awarded $15,000 for his short story. (12).

Youth football team, the Flying Eagles of Nigeria won the African Youth Championship (AYC)Young Pharaohs of Egypt, in 2005. (13 ).

Nigeria Youth Salim Abubakar, did not only his parents proud, but his country when he returned 853,000 naira ($6,437 USD) he found in Maiduguri. (14 ).

The people of Nigeria gave 6 million dollars to victims of the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. This is on top of a 1 million dollar donation from the Nigeria to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts (15 ).

Rev. Fr Prof Emmanuel M.P Edeh (CSSp), founded the first University in Nigeria, Madonna University received the honor of Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) in Nigeria. Due to his contributions to Nigeria's educational and spiritual development. He was the first Nigerian to articulate African Philosophy, through his Igbo metaphysics(16 ).

Nigerian business man Femi Otedola has a heart as big as all of Africa. He has given money for schooling of underprivileged students Epe area of Lagos State a lot of his students went on to career field like lawyers, doctors and engineers (17 ).

Alhaji Mustapha Bin Umar Kyari Amin El-Kanemi (19th Shehu of Borno) of Borno Emirate died on February 21, 2009. During his life he promoted peace, generosity and Islam. He is quoted as saying "I shall make every effort to be honest in dealing with my people and uphold Justice, Rule of law and Fair play. I shall always work for the peace and progress of my people, irrespective of ethnic origin, religion or place of birth... (and I ) will do my best... To bring about improvements in the standard of living of the entire people of our Emirate" (18 ).

In 2009 Nigerians mourned the loss of Maryam Babangida she was described as "one of the women who worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of living of rural women in Nigeria and indeed Africa." and "there is no question that, in remarkable ways, late Mrs. Babangida projected her personality as First Lady; she was highly committed to an elevated status for womanhood."(19 ).