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Definitions of 419 frauds.

The 419 fraud, 419 scam, or advance-fee fraud isn't new in fact its been around since the 16 century. Back then it was called the "Spanish Prisoner Letter". A wealthy man was in prison and needed help(money)to get out of prison for bribes and etc. The targets were wealthy merchants and churches, the delivery method was Postal mail(1).

More specific information on the scam.

religion in charge?.

Nigeria, and the scam the real Nigeria.

More on the scam, and the scamming minority.

The monies lost are not pocket change the victims of this fraud can be educated.

It can cost more than money, When internet fraud takes a deadly turn.

fraud and the Future?

These "people" not only desecrate and annihilate people and their finances. They also defile, and destroy a people and its culture. It is now time we declare a holy war on them and their kind.