From:"Lee Robert Kriss"
To: "Victor Godwin"
Sent: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 5:04 AM

I am a bit upset, I am unsure if you realize what kind of danger Mrs. Ogunjobi is in. I had thought that you where not like other lawyers. I could be mistaken I hope I am not.

In your response to me you asked me to call you. This seems skirt or violates, Mrs. Ogunjobi wishes. She asked me to cancel my phone so I did. My communications with you are from a cyber café now. I tried to call on another phone that's number is (309) 688-9030 but I got busy singles, you've dialed an incorrect numbers, and when I did finally reach someone after an hour and a half that acted if I was crazy.

With all the monkey business going on, I will refuse to cancel my private fax number. I would have to have a meeting of the H.I.F. board and this is my private fax and everything in it is for my eyes only (as it always is with our type of business) I cannot just cancel that number.

I am only hoping that this is all some sort of misunderstanding. I still find it hard to sleep at night worrying about Mrs. Ogunjobi and her little ones. Too many bad things happen to tikes in this world.

The brave of the world must take a stand in the defense of the defenseless. I hope that this is what we are doing. I spent a good part of my life doing this, and I had hoped the money I would receive would aid in this.

My photo is attached


This is really a Photo Of John Ruffo. He is wanted by US Marshals for Violating Conditions of Release.



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