From:"Lee Robert Kriss"
To:"Victor Godwin"
Sent: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 2:52 AM

The plight of Mrs. Ogunjobi and her little ones has really haunted me the past few days. Maybe it’s my Midwestern up bringing, growing up,and seeing little ones scampering about. I can’t imagine what her little ones are going through. I shudder to think about the wolves at their door. I am now committed to do what I can for them. This is why I am following your instructions.

My bank account number is 847619
The name of my bank is “Akida saving and investment” at South Wacker Dr
Chicago Ill
My fax is 1-309-213-1246

My account manger is Jamie Hamer

I have also canceled my phone as Mrs. Ogunjobi requested. It sounded odd but I can only imagine the horrors they face or jackals they must contend with. I will not put her children at risk for my own comfort. As everything is holy as my witness I will do without as long as the little ones are in danger.

Names use are of wanted terrorist. The fax number number longer valid.



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