From: "Lee Robert Kriss"
To: "Victor Godwin"
Sent:Tue, 7 Oct 2003 6:11 AM

Praise be, it surely must have been something divine that would guide Mrs. Ogunjobi to my email address.

Could anything be more perfect? I chair an investment forum so tell your client she will not alone along with my experience I have the aid and counsel of others from international groups such as the Darkazanli Company, Colony Trading S.A., and Montana Management Inc, plus other groups. As indicated before though everything that transpires between your client and me shall have a level confidentiality she requests, and should demand.

Now for my side if you will. To get an email from someone who makes a request, an extreme request. I am extremely concerned that such information be held in the strictest of confidences with you both. I canít not let my sympathies get ahead of my logic, I have to protect my interests.

I would like a day or so to think about this. But rest assured I will keep Mrs. Ogunjobi, and her little ones in my thoughts and prayers. Tell the to hang on, no matter how difficult help may be on the way.


Names used are of terrorist



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