From:Lee Kriss
To:"Victor Godwin"
Sent:10-23-2003 at 4:27am



This email is to inform you that Lee Kriss, was arrested. What is the charge and why am I telling you this? The charge is aiding and abetting terrorist. The reason I am writing you is upon a search his home we found a computer, and within the computer we recovered several partial emails that listed you as being part of a financial transaction. This is also why we are using his account to contact you. The task force has put a cancel on this account.

We now strongly believe that you are part of his global terrorist network. In emails Lee Kriss sent to you we found terrorist related people and institutions. Are we to believe that you had no idea of who these people and places were? Please a simple search on the internet or else where would have showed these links to terrorist.

These are known to have links to terror groups

Akida Bank
J. Hamer
Darkazanli Company,
Colony Trading S.A.,
Montana Management Inc

They also appear in your email to Mr. Kriss, coincidence?

Have you ever heard of Carnivore, the system that monitors Internet traffic for such emails? Look this up too. Even the most ardent privacy advocate does not know the power of the program. Did you think we would not notice this email?

On the bank phone number and your portable phone. Why does a "lawyer" only give out his portable phone number, and not his office number? Also we have had our people check, and there is no Regent bank in Lagos Nigeria. That's where the phone number originates from right? The answer is simple your using coded messages to hide your true activities.

We in the United States have declared war on terrorism. It is suggested you turn over all your terror related paraphernalia to the nearest US embassy, and wait for questioning.

If you do not do this, we will dispatch one of out most qualified and dangerous agents. A Mr. P.W. Herman, haven't heard of him? P.W. walks in the shadows. Then like a Cobra strikes with laser like accuracy. We suggest you do not run, because you cannot run from what you cannot see. He will surround you like a fog and block off all exits. Again turn yourself in.

As a public relations move I would like to say, people have attributed some pretty nasty stuff to US intelligence agents. To be honest it's all true! Please surrender before we release the hound from hell called P.W. Herman.

If you decide to flee, we have attached agent P.W.'s ID card. This face will haunt you to the brink of madness! Agent PW is currently in Mclean Virginia checking some things out. Soon he'll be heading your way.

Agent G. Morris Tyler
Joint Anti Terrorist Task Force

Agent P.W.


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