From: "Lee Robert Kriss"
To:Regent bank
Subject:I hate to be a pest.
Sent:Mon, 20 Oct 2003 4:38 AM


I hate to be a pest and this might not work. Well let me explain the easiest way for me to get the money is to sell a block of stocks. The block I sell if I sell them it will leave me with a total of $7,376 dollars. I am in the middle of stuff and it would be much easier for me to just to make several deposits over a 24 hour period. Is western Union the best way to go with this? Remember I would have to make 3 deposits!

I would like to send it all at once but my broker is being a pain. They like taking your money but just try getting it out. I could just have the money sitting around my house but I would hate to lose it.



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