Segovia, Mclean VA US

From: "Victor Godwin"
To:"Lee Robert Kriss"
Sent:Thu, 16 Oct 2003 9:04 AM


Attn:Lee Robert Kriss,

Thank you very much for your mail,we qiute appreciate your concern,may almighty God bless you as you have decided to be a husband to a widow like christ our lord.

My dear lee,it is very important you contact the bank as i have instructed you as all payment documents inrespect of the fund has been forwarded to the bank in your name as the recipient.

However,i will like to restate the bank website:

And you should forward an application requesting to open a Non Resident Account with the bank to enable you receive the Will Estate Fund on behalf of Mrs Elizabeth Ogunjobi and her two daughter's.

Mrs Ogunjobi extend her greetings to you and your family.

I await your urgent response as you contact the bank today.

Yours faithfully

Barr Victor Godwin



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