From:"Lee Robert Kriss"
To:"Victor Godwin"
Sent:Mon, 13 Oct 2003 6:13 AM



I have been completely honest with you. I have given you my bank name, and even my account manger name.

I believe, it that I the first time mentioned canceling my phone in my third email to you and I canceled my phone in response to Mrs. Ogunjobi first email. The one I thought was email to someone else.

Now even after days and days and several emails you claim the request was never made and I must call you now. Why wasnít the claim that Mrs. Ogunjobi never requested I cancel my phone made until now? Also the email I just sent out before this one, the one that asked me to western Union you money was in response to an email request. Not a phone call. How could I get a phone call when I canceled my phone?

When I did try to call you it took an hour and a half. Then when I did get someone they rudely acted like they didnít know me and slammed the phone down. Remember you asked me to call? Things seem to be getting confused. Is this confusion intentional? Things hadnít been set up?

Needless to say the prior email I received also caused me concern. I saw something on TV earlier today that caused me even greater alarm. I saw something on government stings. How the agents have to control their target. The only one trying to control anyone here is you. Are you a US Federal agent trying to entrap me if I donít report this transaction under some sort of silly US Law? What would you want me to say over the phone? Why must it be today? I asked for a few days but this canít happen. Why?



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