Segovia Mclean VA US

From: "Victor Godwin"
To:"Lee Robert Kriss"
Sent:Mon, 13 Oct 2003 12:06 AM

Attn:Lee Robert Kriss,

Thank you very much for your mail and informations you sent to me.

I have to make it catigorically clear to you that i have never ask you to send to me any Money through western union at this stage of the transaction,so please i will want to advise you strongly not to send any money to any body because i am not the one that ask for any money because you have dialed a wrong numbers and got into the wrong people.

I have never change my email address,i only use this email address to sent to you the photo attachment because it was difficult through the other of my email address,my two email address still remains and i wish to reconfirm them to you here:,

And i spoke with Mrs Elizbeth Ogunjobi and she told me she never ask you to concel your phone number,so please for the safety and security of this transaction,please do not send any money at this moment to anybody claiming to be me or Mrs Ogunjobi and you can as well verify the existence of this Fund in account Number 0765594612 with Regent Bank Plc through their website. their website is:

Thank you very much for your concern and your willingness to continue to assist this widow to enable us transfer this fund to your account.

Please,do not send money at the moment to anybody,i have not ask you of money niether Mrs Ogunjobi do asked.

My direct phone number is this:234-803-3377287 and it has not change,you can call me as soon as you receive this mail.when ever you call me ask me of my secret code.The CODE is LORD.And any call or mail they send to you without this code do not answer it.

The email address of Mrs Elizbeth Ogunjobi,she told me you have not write to her any mail since we started.

I hope you have receive the Pictures,my picture and that of Mrs Ogunjobi which i sent to you.

I await your response today.


Sent a replica two minutes later.



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