Lee Kriss and E Ogunjobi

Oct 6 2003 to 10-23-2003


A Mix up?

Ogunjobi wants you

God and Ogunjobi

haunted by Ogunjobu

condition of Mrs Elizbeth Ogunjobi

"Godwin" Photo

Mrs Elizbeth Photo

I am a bit upset

Who's this

Lord is the code

Are you a nark

Regent bank

Mrs. Elizbeth pleads again

Did you get the approval

The call

Ministry of Justice

Yes I got it

Instructions for the Bank

non-resident account

Regent respondes

Want mo money

No Stocks

Did you contact the Bank?

I didn't say stocks

Thank You

Yes I talked to the Bank

You must comply

Hows your health

Enter Pee Wee