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419 fraud and terror happening now? Maybe.

If the 419 fraud is not now being used to fund terror, it's a safe bet that it will in the near future. Remember terrorist need massive amounts of untraceable money. Also consider my Bin laden is running low on money so this cash doesn't come easy.

Do they have the capability to commit fraud?

Imam Samudra who was convicted of a bombing in Bali, Indonesia, in 2002 wrote manifesto on funding terror through cyber fraud (1 ).

"It is a paradox: Those movements who criticize Western technology and modernity are using the West's most advanced communication technology, the Internet, to spread their message," Gabriel Weimann, a professor in Israel who follows cyberterrorism, said in an e-mail (2 ).

Institute for Public Policy released research in that said "the grid of connections between terrorism and criminal networks has been highly crisscrossed. The increasing sophistication of both information and communications technologies and criminal gangs and terrorist groups themselves makes the scale of the challenge considerable." (3 ).

"Long before someone commits a major terrorist act, they've engaged in a number of other crimes: Document fraud involving visas; fraud involving the use of false names, false addresses, and false movement; games with money ... and so on," said Jonathan M. Winer, a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement (4 ).

The FBI, told delegates at a conference that credit card fraud was a major source of funding terrorism (5 ).

In Iowa, Secret Service agents last Friday rearrested Youssef Hmimssa(terrorism suspect), a fugitive who fled a warrant issued in May in a case involving credit card fraud in which, investigators believe, he obtained numbers from online customer databases (6 ).

Could terror groups connect with Fraudsters?.

419 fraud gangs are very mobile and have members who are very active in multiple countries and even continents .

The same West African gangs that engage in fraud and drug trafficking have moved into Australia. One Nigerian syndicate sent 5-6 million dollars out of Australia in three years. Its been said "West African syndicates have been identified as frequently forming consortiums of small businesses within Thailand, frequently shifting alliances and positions. They utilise diversified smuggling techniques as well as fraudulent documents," and "There has been an influx in recent years of major international criminal syndicates into South Africa, including those from West Africa. These syndicates have engaged in criminality ranging from human trafficking, drugs, firearms, and diamond and gold trafficking," (7 ).

Indeed the perceived "Nigerian" scam is across the globe in places like South Africa, Dubai and Iraq (8 ).

Many times terrorist and 419 scammers are in the same locations .

Groups like Hezbollah and Al Qaeda have been in South Africa since 1997 they use is as a safe haven for militants on the run, to seek financial support and to recruit members. A report by National Prosecutions Authority (NPA). Said "The syndicates establish companies to commit their money laundering activities and to legitimise their illegal income. They have incredible resources to cover up their activities," (9 ).

Also terrorist and 419 scammers can be in the same black-market trade and country.

On December 16, 2009 Issa Toure, and Abelrahman were arrested in Ghana. Its was alleged that both were running drugs for Al Qaeda (10 ). As it know that 419 fraudsters have bee operating in this country (11 ).

The north of Nigeria maybe have the highest concentration of Muslims. But the south has militants in the Niger delta, terrorism does not begin and end with Bin Laden .

Terrorist like many other places are all over Nigeria. Like the group MEND (Niger delta terrorist Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta). In the hopes of ending violence in the Niger Delta, the Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua prosed a 60 day amnesty for militants in the hope it would stop the attacks on the oil and gas industry (12 ).