Alice Kreeger vs Kevin Malupa 8 May 2004 to June 9 2004

The Introduction email

My response

An overview of the deal

Hints on what's to come

Another overview from Kevin

Even more hints

So far he hasn't caught on.

Kevin is waiting for my email

here I go!

Kevin is getting excited

Phone message one From Kevin

An unannounced email that promotes a dead web page

Kevin Speaks!

I am back

It was Kevin on Voice mail

Another hint

Call the bank

The page go by by

Challenge the "facts".

Kevin re-explains the facts

Trying to again explain the bank is gone.

Stay positive, and ignore the disappearing bank.

I am just waiting to see what happens.

Kev. want my phone number

Here is my phone number.

Is Kevin insane?

The bank is nuts too!

I again cite errors

Kev gets testy

Contact the new Bank

A new legal term?

Please call Mr. Budd.

Call me!

Please respond I sent you something

grumble bunnies

I got nothing

The bank says you didn't call them!

Can you fax it?

Hello bank

Kev don't fax!

Lawyers speak real good English!

Woo hoo a real fake bank responds

Send it however.

New account

Kev can't use a public phone!

Another "phone call".

Another phone call, this time the banker speaks!

Did you call Kev?

Should I resent the docs

Kevin never called!

I get the "Doc"

Kevins worried

I ask a few questions

Kev puts me in my place

On cue the banker applies pressure

Questions on Banking.

Questions about Law.

a final bye bye to Kev.