INET-MLTL Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited, 231, Adeola Odeku Street Victoria Island, P.O.Box 3453, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria

From: "Kevin Malupa"
To: "Alice Kreeger"
Subject: Waiting to hear from you very urgent
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your email of this morning. Infact there is nothing like bankers pushing. It is only that I needed to complete this transaction, make sure this investment fund is well secured with you. My boss Estrada will be very happy to hear that this money has been in your account. I have sent all your information to the bank and will forward to them letter of authorization to move this money from the fix deposit account where Estrada deposited the fund, immediately you open an online account in the same bank for onward wire transfer to your account in UK.

Please kindly reconfirm your confidence to complete this transaction to as I forward details of this bank to you and for you to reach them today and open the account. I can only send transfer authorization letter when an account has been established in your name. You can contact the bank through their

website :
Tel: 34-625-902083 34-665035-860
email: Customer Services:
Address: Ard Juanarios S/N 29660, Puerto Banus –Marbella Spain
Attn: Director Foreign Services – Mr. Peter H. Murphy

Please note. I would like you to contact the London office of this bank, but for the fact that they told me it would only be functional as from Dec, 2004. You do not need to submit your form through the London Branch. You have to submit your form directly to Spain office where Estrada deposited this money. Please ask of account officer of Estrada, Mrs. Caroline Banfogh who will direct you on the financial details of this money.

Kindly contact me when you have open the account to enable me send letter of authority to the bank and copy to you.

Best wishes

Kevin Malupa

Note: This site went down only a few days after I got this email, and posted the url to it on 419 eater's forum. It worked when I received this email.