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From: "Kevin Malupa"
To: aliceukkreeger@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004

Dear Alice Kreeger ,

Thanks for your response, How would you have open account without the instruction of the bank which i directed you,you will get error messages because you are not following the instruction of the bank.

I want you to know that all the messages you have been receiving on answering machine is not from me and i can not call you phone for security reasons.

Note: I have no legal consultants and will not be insupport of any for this transaction,The information reaching me from the bank in canada indiactes that they gave you instruction on how to open your account for the transfer to start but you ignore their direction.

Pls i am advising you to contact the bank and account officer for the account opening so that we can conclude everthing because i told you my predicament here in the philippines,i feel you are not doing anything because since few days now you refuse to write me .

It is like we are having problems from your side because i have discovered that people you gave information about this transaction is working against us and they want to move this money to another place and i told you to keep this transaction confidential untill we conclude moving this money out of the bank but you refused to listen to me and now the same people you told about this transaction is working against you.

Pls contact the bank in canada and follow up their instruction also let them know that you have not send any body to represent you and you will not send anybody so all communication must be directly between you and the account officer to avoid transfering this money to another place.

I need your response very urgent.

Best Wishes.

Kevin Malupa.