From: "Kevin Malupa"
To:Alice Kreeger
Subject: yes the deal is on.
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your response,I want to let you know that the deal is still on,you can confirm it from the bank so that you will know that the deal is on awaiting for you to open the account with the same bank in canada,I told you that i came to you in good faith and will also like to work with you in good faith also,I have not come to spoil but i came to build because i know you are going to help me in all ramification in life.

Pls i have not called you on phone before and i will not call because i have explained to you my reasons attached.

Pls contact the bank and find out about the call and who called.

I will send the documents by email attachment in few hours from now.


He NEVER CALLED?? That's odd, even the call when the caller he said it was him, it wasn't him. The correct answer is "I called earlier, but the banker called yesterday". Kev indicate he is in constant in contact with the bank.