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From: "Kevin Malupa"
To:"Alice Kreeger"
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004

Dear Alice,

I received your mail and this 10:05pm,all the contents are well understood,it is very important to inform you that Your country will be confortable for Mr.Joesph Estrada to invest his business,you may be required to travel out of your country for spain for this business but the account officer will inform you if your present will required,remember that the money is deposited in the Mr Estrada's name and we have an agreement with the account officer that you have to open an online account with small amount at the same Bank for the transfer to be more easier for both parties, he said that it will be more easier for him to transfer the money into your account at the same Bank from there you can now transfer the money into any account in any country of your choice,he adviced that you do not transfer the money at once,the most important thing now is for you to contact the bank and request how to open an online account from them.

The account officer promised that immediately you open an account with them,to transfer all the money will not take him 14 working days.

I will give you the full information of the Bank and the account officer immediately i receive your response,please keep this transaction very very confidential because no body except me,you and the account officer knows that this money is in one of the bank in europe.

I will meet you in your country as soon as you confirm that this money is fully in your account,remember that as of now i am also into hiding and palnning how to move out as soon as this money is into your Bank account.We have no other hope to lay hand and start life except with money.

Awaiting your urgent response.

Best Regard

Kevin Malupa.