From: "Alice Kreeger"
To: "Kevin Malupa"
Subject: My response
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004


I am glad you realize things are based on trust. But then you having me have me traveling all over the place, opening banks accounts. Trust in not a one-way street.

I realize that Mr. Estrada probably got my email from the brokerage I work for. I must warn you that you must be careful some brokers, are only in it for the money. Donít get me wrong I like money and living comfortably. But I am doing this to further my acting career. With this job I can live very comfortably, and still have free time. Given enough notice.

The money you offer would help me further my acting career, even more.

I also realize that I could be part of some sort of practical joke. I am asking you to be honest are you a member of my troop playing a joke? Is this Ernie? I am extreme concerned because this sounds too good to be true. Are you some sort of Stalker?

I will play along for now but I am extremely concerned about all this. You are asking a lot from me.

Phone/fax number xxxxxxxxxxxxx
1938 Groverís way
London UK

I start giving hints of how this will end. Note the comments about Sesame Street, ie Ernie and Grover.