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From: "Kevin Malupa"
To:"Alice Kreeger"
Subject: sigh
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your response, I am not happy the manner you normally address me because i contacted for a business,I want to let you know that i like you very much that is the reason for contacting you to make money,pls you should know many people out there are looking for this type of golden opportunity but it dose n't come their way,i came to you because of your good idea in life gernerally so we are not that foolish,I told my boss Mr.Estrada that you are the only person i can trust to handle this transaction to conclussion level but you do n't regard me that way,you call me all kind of names because i contacted you for help.

I wish you are here in the philippines to withness our predicaments{I mean what we are facing here in philippines} i think it will help you to understand more about my points,I am no more in manila since few days now and i will not go back there again for security reasons this is the reason you have not heard from me and you know this type of communication needs a lot of privacy for security reasons.

Here is the website of the

Pls contact them and open the account so that the transfer will start as to enable leave this country philippines to your country as i have told you bofore.

Awaiting for your urgent response.

Best Wishes.


Well he told me, he's even got a new fake bank!