From: "Alice Kreeger"
To:Legal Consultants
Subject: Mr. Malupa
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004


You donít know me but I have a arrangement with Kevin Malupa in regards to a Mr. Estrada. I am EXREMELY concerned over Mr. Estrada welfare due to Mr. Malupa actions. Mr. Malupa seems to have issues to say the least. This concerns me so much that I wake at past four am, when I have to go to work in a few hours.

I get the feeling Mr. Malupa lives in fantasy world. He pleaded with me to contact people but give me no valid means of contacting them. He then taunts me with phrases like your moving closer. He also breaks contact for days on end.

I am sending you this because I donít know where else to turn. You may have a weak to none existent relationship with Mr. Malupa. I saw an email in my email file referencing him, so you may look into this and warn Mr. Estrada

I send out a plea for the issues Kevin seems to have.