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From: "Kevin Malupa"
To:"Alice Kreeger"
Subject: Awaiting for your urgent response.
Date: Sun, 09 May 2004

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your mail. It is very important that we let you know that this transaction is and will be based on mutual trust since we have not met face to face before.

However it will be the wise of Mr. Estrada to meet with you before this transaction commences but because he is currently under house arrest here in the Philippines.

As our first mail to you reads, Mr. Estrada Has a deposit of $100 Million in a bank in europe before his impeachment as the President of the Philippines which no other person except Himself, me , you and his account officer at the bank, and this is the reason why the money is still there untraced by any body.

Now He asked me to contact you to take over the money and invest it for him in your country.

First you will open an online account with the same bank and he will prepare and sign a power of attorney in your favour and send to the bank, that will enable the bank to deduct his account and credit your own bit by bit.

As soon as this is done the money will now be in your custody and only you can have access to the money. You will then start transfering the money from the account bit by bit to your other accounts in your country say $ 3-5M at a time till the whole money gets to your country.

After this, you will retain 25% of the money and invest the balance in your name on his behalf, the remaining 75% of which I will be coming to monitor the investments from time to time in your country. I will draft an asset management agreement for the money, You will have to go through it and make amendments if any before both parties will sign.

We will urge you to contact the bank to tell them to give you details of how to open another online account in your own name.

I once again remind you that you have to keep this transaction to your self till the end of the transaction.

I will send the asset management agreement for your perusal and endorsement as soon as i received your full address,tel and fax numbers. All the modalities have been worked out.I am releasing the full informations of the Bank and the person to contact as soon as i get your positive response from you.

Note: I have concluded all the arrangement with the bank account officer in the bank on how this transfer will be concluded.

Awaiting your urgent response.

Best Regards.

Kevin Malupa.