WEB-SAT-ISP Unit 3, Bluebell Industrial Estate, Bluebell, Dublin 12, Ireland

From: "Kevin Malupa"
To:Alice Kreeger
Subject: RE: Come one now
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004

Dear Alice,

I express my feelings this way by finding a solution to my problem because i told you that i have been on the street for more two years now waiting to see if my boss Mr.Estrada will be free by philippines govenment and since then here we are.i whish you are here with me you will understand my predicaments,i can not find one cent now to travel out of this place,i have contacted the bank where this money is deposited by Mr.Estrada the account officer told me that we have to open account with the same bank as to enable him transfer some the money into the account since the depositor can not come in person now and i have no money to open the account this my reason for contacting you for help in this transaction so that what ever move into the account will be shared with you and we have agreed to give you 25% of what ever we receive into your account,pls we have to keep things confidential to ourselves alone untill the transfer starts,i hope you understand my point .

Awaiting for your urgent response.

Best Wishes.

Kevin Malupa.