From:Alice Kreeger
Subject: I want MY MONEY
Sent: 11-9-2003 6:02pm

I just returned from the Netherlands. I should have known that Mr. Brumer wasn't from Canada. You piece of Netherlands scum, you all are! This was a trip Mr. Clarke mentioned early on I should take.

I want my money back, you dirt bags, where is my money? I have to wonder about Mr. Clarke, why in the hell did you keep asking me for your own email address? Is your mind the feeble? Also who has hacked into my email account? What did you do to my phone line? The phone company is amazed, but they ARE investigating this.

As you know I waited all night in my motel room for you to return with the additional paper work. I still thank God I didn't switch all my accounts over there, as Mr. Clarke wanted me to. I thank God you scumbags you didn't get it all my money. Knowing this you'll probably try to get the rest of what I have. I am sure in order to do this you have to try to convince me that it wasn't you. Sure it wasn't.

I will hunt you down and rip out your hearts!!!