From:Tom Campbell(Rev George )
To:alfred clarke
Sent: 11-8-2003 at 4:50am
Subject: Money sent

Egbe, we got Alice's money, we got 26,040.00 euros. There are new guys coming. We are surrounded by heavy men and kings of four nine one. You will work for us or you don't work at all. You'll lose more Pkaje, this is better than no ego. Our top peoples have long legs. Don't fight. The Netherlands bois are coming. We will contact you. You are too si si to even try to contact us.

Egbe, if you haven't learned this email its pointless to respond to this email. We will contact you. The past emails are just a game. Games are over.

We will use anyone hack hackers to Olopa. You assume that all that happens is not us. Sometimes it is us. Think about it.

This is written in part in the Pidgin English the scammers use. The next few emails where in my email box when I sent this email