From:Kenny Osborne (Rev George )
To:alfred clarke
Subject show me the money
Sent 11-7-2003 at 4:49am


My fellow children of the one and only God, I feel the power and the glory of our one true savior, Jesus Christ. I see troubled times ahead. I have come across something that's been troubling my mind.

That something is people of the world, jealous people. Just as Miriam, and Aaron jealously plotted and spoke devious words to the lord against Moses. These men plot and send their scheming communications against America. They wish to defile all that is holy in the world. I say, God shall deliver them to his righteous judgment seat, for correction. Just as a father scolds his little children, Jesus will deliver them for punishment. I say, pity the man who stand before God and his only son in judgment!

I have a photo of these men who dare defile America.