From:Alice Kreeger
Subject: more information please
Sent: Oct 16 2003 5:45pm


Why should I open another email account as per your instructions? Also a clean account, what, exactly are you planning on sending me? Porno? I get enough of that type of stuff. If you're soliciting PLEASE do not send me any.

Why did you send me this email address is the, is this a new net address? I know they come up with different domains like .net, .com, .org. .edu, .us, gov, is this a new one?

Where did I go on this mission and what did I do? I could have been a translator for the Pygmy tribes of Australia. A Llama herder in Columbia. A Camel washer in Egypt?

Which of my financial accounts should I give him? My 401 K, the stocks and bonds account, my options trading account, which one?

What kind of headstone should we get auntie? I sort of like Marble, but granite is good too. What kind should we get?