From:"Alice Kreeger"
Subject: Still didn't get it
Sent: 10 31 2003 at 8:07pm


Neither file you sent contained the whole document. They where like the first. Could you fax it to me? I am still waiting for the lawyer to resend the power of attorney. I might ask him to fax it too if it does show up in my email soon.

The last I heard I am suppose contact some bank in Spain. But I can't do anything until I get the documents. I got some sort of fax from the bank in Spain. I still have to look it over, so I guess its off to Spain soon. I want to look at the stuff before its shipped.

My family is fine and I haven't told them anything about this. I want it to be a surprise, and what a surprise it will be.

I will be forwarding my phone to wherever I am at.

My Fax number
(501) XXX-XXXX

Fax number not included for reasons previously given.