From:Alice Kreeger"
To:Alfred Clarke:
Subject Missing aunt
Sent 10-16-2003 at 5:30pm


I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for my aunt Leticia her last name is Carabas her husbands name is Tim. She lived in the Ontario.

I remember days when we went on vacation with auntie Leticia. We went to water world Disney world, and even the Vatican. We went when the pope had a holy mass, and auntie Leticia yelled "hello!" to the Pope. John Paul smiled but my mom and dad where mortified. Did you ever notice that in the Catholic Church all the nuns look like penguins? That reminds one time Tim told auntie Leticia, not his aunt but our aunt, "lets pet some penguins!". So we again booked a flight and headed for Greenland. We spent two weeks there before we found out that Penguins are at the South Pole. That was an adventure!

Anyway do you know how I can contact my aunt? I was told you knew where she is.

Now act a bit nuts