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To "Alice Kreeger"
Sent Tue, 28 Oct 2003 7:00am

Dear Alice,

Good day to you and this is to confirm that I received your mail but I have been very busy at the bank, please pardon me.Please you must understand that I do not ignore your questions as you say, I try to answer all your inquiries to the best of my ability and knowledge. I do not understand what you where saying about your grandma and the word kalba!!!!. You must understand that we are trying to make a deal here and you must see it as such, please try to give me all the co-operation that you can give so that we accomplish our goals soon. I am a person of honour too, that is why you must believe me and act according to my advice and instructions as I know more in this transaction. If you feel the lawyer is not treating this matter well, then please let him know but you must be careful as we do not have to give him any suspicious impressions now.

Please put accross your request more explicit to me and I shall try my best to respond accordingly to you.

Finally, please find attached a copy of the original certificate of deposit issued by the bank of Canada for your perusal and records, please keep safely as it is a very vital document for us to succeed. Please confirm receipt of attachment in your nxt mail.

God bless us all...Amen


The jpg file Fred sent wasn't good, it didn't work.