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To:"Alice Kreeger"
Subject: More Details for your co-operation
Sent:Wed, 15 Oct 2003

Dear Alice Kreeger,

Thank you very much for your response to my recent e-mail message to you requesting for your interest and assistance in the proposed transaction already mentioned to you, I really do appreciate and I believe that it is a step in the right direction towards the fulfilment of a project with mutual benefits. As I mentioned in my first mail to you. I shall go ahead to give you more details about myself and a clearer picture of the project which I consider very confidential and important.

My name is Fred Brumer, I am 46yrs old and an accounts manager in one of the leading banks in Canada, for obvious reasons, I will prefer to keep my bank anonymous for now and we shall relate only by e-mail until such a time when I do have your full trust and confidence, please bear with me, I am only trying to be cautious as I have been on this for a while now and must take necessary caution, I have to be sure who I am dealing with.


For over 10 yrs now, I have been monitoring an accountin my bank, this account is owned by a certain Mrs. Leticia Carabas,she is a native of the Bahamas. This account has remained dormant and unoperated for over 10 yrs now, from my investigation, it was discovered that the said Mrs. Leticia Carabas died in a car accident on May 18th, 1992 and has since been buried and forgotten in her native home in the Bahamas. During the course of my investigation, I found out that she lost her husband Mr.Timothy Carabas from whom she inherited her wealth 3 yrs earlier, she had no known children or relatives, my investigations confirms this. However, she left a very important letter written in her handwriting which was deposited in one of our secret account vaults in the bank, which states among other things what is to be done with her estate especially the money in the account which amounts to C$ 26.4million(Twenty-Six million, four hundred thousand Canadian Dollars. This document states the name of the lawyer who is to release the amount to the person who comes up with the information contained in this document. The document is sealed and labelled confidential but because of my priviledged position in the bank, I have viewed the contents, this information is known only to me in the bank,the lawyer does not know the beneficiary's name and would definitely rely on the said document to know the beneficiary.


Dear Friend, What I need you to do is to contact this lawyer and tell him that you are the next of kin and beneficiary to the account of the Late Mrs. Leticia Carabas in Ontario, Canada,tell him that for security reasons you will not give him more information but that he should contact the bank via your accounts manager Mr. Fred Brumer. EMAIL: for more information. If the lawyer wants to know why you have not come up all these years, tell him you have been abroad on a peace mission and had no immediate need for the money, tell him that you are back now and want to embark on a humanitarian project and will appreciate his urgent action on the matter. Please give the lawyer your necessary contact information especially your bank and account number. If you prefer to open fresh account for this project the better. The name of the lawyer is Alfred H Clarke and his email adress is:

Please note the following:

1.The lawyer must not know that I contacted you.
2.He must not know that I have the document.

Dear Friend, I have all the necessary information the lawyer may ask, I have done all the homework on this and I am very confident of it's success.Do not reveal this to anybody, this is very important, my whole life and career could be jeopardised. I shall give you more technical details as time goes on if we move fast, we can accomplish this as fast as possible. Please let me know what your response is immediately.


It worked!