From:Rev George.
To"alfred clarke"
Subject Money information
Sent 10-24-2003 at 4:40am


I would like to thank you for your time and generosity. Surely people like you will help spread Gods only word to the impoverish peoples of the world. I prayed to Jesus that he would send a miracle and you showed up! Praise the Lord!

I am excited as a schoolgirl! Praise be! I'm so nervous! These old eyes are filled with visions of the glory of the lord. A vision of our lord and savior Jesus Christ decimating the blasphemy of this world, I say blasphemy! Jesus sword is going to cut down wicked religions that aren't his, and all the other obscenities in this world.

Again thank you for your kind donation of $2,500. This donation will go a to fixing our church roof! Our sisters in the choir thank you! Because of you the glory of the lord will shine through our church! It will shine to the people who are not like you or I and don't know the wisdom of the Lord.

When I saw address the cashiers check I was worried. Face it your countries financial institutions isn't quite up the levels America's. But the cashier's check cleared! At first we couldn't find the man named on the check but we certain noticed the email that was written toward the bottom. I would like to thank you for including your email with. So I may express my thanks to you.

Finally Sir our church board voted to send you a photo of our Church with the roof complete. Again thank you and praise God.

Rev George

Attached photo the church

*Need help please contact our prayer fax! Jesus love you and that the fax! Call (801) 524-4379. If you provide a number and prayer request we will call you back!

*Added to signature. The fax number is a U.S. Senator who's on a US Senate crime committee.

I thought I would throw another character into the mix. An extremely obnoxious "Minster", he true identity will be revealed later.