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To:"Alice Kreeger"
Sent:Fri, 24 Oct 2003 9:00am

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for your further response and commitment to our important transaction, I do strongly believe that we shall make it if we persist and trust in God.

Furthermore, I believe this is the time for us to discuss how we intend to split the money at the end of this project.To this end, I am offering you 30% of the money in the account and the entire proceeds from the estate of the Late Mrs. Leticia Carabas for your co-operation and assistance and 70% for me, please do not think that I am greedy here as I have a lot of things to do after collecting this to make sure that we enjoy the proceeds with absolute peace of mind, all these will involve a lot of money. I have been on this all these years and be rest assured that I have left no stone unturned.

Please note that it is very important that you furnish me with all your contact details including your full names and address, telephone and fax numbers, this will enable me to effect all the necessary changes in the document deposited in the bank under my management. Let me also assure you that there is no risk involved in this project, all modalities have been arranged to ensure that there are no risk legal or otherwise, all that I demand of you is your trust and confidence and most importantly absolute confidentiality about any information relating to this project. Please my friend before we go further let me know if we can work together and if I can trust you on this. I look forward to your positive response.

Please always be cautious with the lawyer, if he demands any information that you do not know, just tell him to inquire from the bank. Let us limit our correspondence for now to just e-mail, it will be unsafe to speak on phone for now, if it is absolutely important that we talk, then I shall find an anonymous way to call you and speak to you. Please try and understand.

Sincerely yours,