From:Alice Kreeger
To:"alfred clarke"
Subject:Last email
Sent:10-23-2003 10:30pm

Dear Sir,

About your last email on 10-23-2003 11:07pm

How can you carry out any investigation when you claimed you did not have my contact information? Maybe you did all the time. Sir, I DID NOT appreciate the several phone calls to my residence. Neither did the phone company.

Who is getting the Power of Attorney and change of ownership? These are pretty important documents not to know the details on. Don't you think?

I never requested my estate to anywhere. It sounds like my estate because I do not have the estate of Leticia Carabas. Why must I transfer my estate?

I can travel to Europe whenever I want since I was born in Europe. I am not transferring my estate to a bank that seems to be of your choosing. What's going on? I plan on going nowhere until I have assurances.