From:Alice Kreeger"
To:alfred clarke
Subject: Well?
Sent: 10:30pm 10-21-2003


This is to inform you I sent a copy of my passport on 10-19-2003 this preceded my personal contact information I sent on 10-17-2003. I am certain any competent lawyer would keep records of communications of this magnitude.

Could it be your just bragging to folks and do you not have anything to do with Mrs. Leticia Carabas estate? I will again send the information and this will be the last time I send it. If I hear once again "This is to inform you that we are not yet in receipt of a copy of your passport or Driver's Licence for proper identification as stated by you in your last messages.". I will assume that you're just an out of work lawyer who needs clients anyway he can get them. I will resend this information as soon as I calm down.

I worked hard for what I have gotten, and I don't fritter away my money. May I make the same assumption of you?