Fred Brumer and Alice Kreeger, 14 Oct 2003 to November 9 2003

Have I got a deal for you.

I love to help.

The instructions.

Contacting the lawyer.

Fred what should I do?

My aunt is dead!

Skydiving aunt.

Fred gets testy!

Fred what's with the attitude?

My first contact information.

Sending the information to the lawyer.

The lawyer lost my contact information.

Fred's upset!

Fred what are you talking about?

Maybe "my" passport might work.

Where is the lawyer?

Fred where is the lawyer?

The lawyer lost "my" passport!

Are you a real lawyer?

Alice calm down.

Passport still M.I.A..

A drunk Lawyer?

Investigating with nothing.

Don't you need my passport?

Trust in God.

Its Rev George!

Fred this is my contact information.

Lawyer is still gone.

Didn't like the last contact information? Here is different information.

But we are real lawyers!

We got your information

May I see your license?

We don't have to show you.

Fred getting testy again.

Could you resend the attachment?

No you really didn't answer my questions.

I'll get back to you.

We checked you out!

You forgot something!

Fred where are you?

It's Rev George again!

Fred resends the C.D..

The bank sends this unannounced.

Fred I still don't have the C.D.!

Fax me

Hello to the bank

Fred will fax me

You fax no work

I finally get the power of attorney

Correct phone number

You have my number


Fred still can't send a fax

You phone isn't working

Rev George again

Rev George exposed


Late fees.

Alice where are you.

I have been had